Properly Burn a W&W Soy Candle

This page is devoted to Properly burning your Wix & Whacks Soy Candle for Maximum Scent Pleasure!

I have spent hours, days, into weeks finding and testing the perfect wick for each Fragrance and Jar combination that I offer. (and this process is still ongoing) You, as a cherished customer of mine, need to know how to get the most out of my creations!
1. Find the size of Candle you Received below. Beside the size, is the initial minimum time you need to burn your candle. Candles create a "Memory" and if the wax isn't allowed to create a full burn pool on the initial burn, you will most likely never get one. NEVER burn any candle longer than 4 hours.

12 oz Soy Candle - (TBD)
8 oz Soy Hex Jar - 3 Hours
6 oz - 2 1/2 Hours
4 oz Tin - (tbd)
2 oz Hex - tbd

2. On the second Burn allow your candle to burn again according to the size listed above.
3. Including these 2 "start ups" your candle will burn an estimated : (according to size) During Wick testing, I have chosen wicks that get me as close to the 1oz per 8 hour ratio as possible.

12 oz - (TBD)
8 oz -
6 oz - 48 hours (So far Rushing Waters wins with a burn ratio of 0.8oz per 8 hours!)
4 oz -
2 oz -

Here is a Picture of how you waste the wax if you don't follow the burn instructions correctly!  This example is taken after allowing the candle to burn only an hour, then lighting it again for several hours the next day. It never fully makes it to the edges.