Monday, September 19, 2011

Wick Testing STILL underway!

Because I have am switching the Natural Soy Waxes in my Soy Candle Line, I also have to test all my cotton wicks to make sure they are fitting for the new soy wax. And it turns out, I am having to start ALL over again!

Right Now I am testing these 5 Fragrances in a 6oz Hex Jar: Rushing Water, Sweet Pea, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Starfruit Mango & Fresh Linen.

On Day 1, I used the manufactorer's recomended Wick for my jar size. I allowed the Soy Candle to burn 2.5 hours before checking the burn pool. Rushing Water ALMOST had a full melt pool, and Fresh Linen was close also. But the others had about another 0.5" to go before the melt pool was at the edges of the jar. My Starfruit candle was drowning in the wax, barely had a glow, and had a melt pool of about an inch! Clearly the wrong wick for this candle!  Before I can to any final conclusions I let them burn a full 4 hours. But my findings were all the same.  So I remade the same 5 candles, and used a larger sized wick the next day.

Day 2
This time I remembered to weigh the soy candles before I burned them for accurate burn times. After 1 hour, Rushing Water already had  complete yet very shallow burn pool. after 2.5 hours, it was still full, yet somewhat deeper, and at 4 hours still a nice burn pool. A Very fiiting wick! After 4 hours this candle burned 0.4oz! That is a nice rate of 0.8oz/8 hours.  (Going rate is 1oz per 8 hours)

Sadly None of my other soy candles reached a full melt pool with the second wick test. So aside from the Rushing Waters, I have to remake the candles again and go up another wick size.

Why Wick Test? So you don't end up with Candles that burn like this!

Star Fruit Mango 6oz Hex in new Soy wax after 4 hours of burning with recommended Wick Size
Pure Soy Wax Candle Jar

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