Monday, September 26, 2011

Organizing Chaos - Getting a Grip on things

One of my biggest struggles in life, personal or business related, is getting and staying organized! It is an obstacle I face on a daily basis. Not only do I have an unorganized workshop, desk, file cabinet, etc but my main file cabinet I call my brain, is just non-stop throwing ideas around without ever putting them in the right compartments! I often get so many compliments on how creative my ideas are, or actually how many ideas I actually have! But to actually fulfill those ideas is almost impossible. I usually end up getting sidetracked by even more ideas, my kids, my dog, or like right now, I took time out of organizing my workshop to write a blog post on organizing!

Since my business is pretty much my personal hobby - meaning what I love to do whenever I have any moments to spare; I decided to get a kick start on  my organizational overhaul right in my workshop. My workshop, about an 8x10 room - 3 years ago, was the ideal place for my ideas to come to life. But with more ideas, comes more supplies, packaging, and stuff. I have now outgrown my 8x10 space. I am not yet ready to rent a facility, so I will revamp the space and take over some of our house to accommodate the expansion.

Here is just a glimpse of what was left over after hours, days and weeks of me being unorganized, along with a Feature on (which means lots of orders all at once). At my current state of organization, I would no longer attempt something like Heartsy. But with my new plan in place, along with a list of WILL do's not just to do's, then my unorganized Personality (which was confirmed on many personality tests...) will become much more easier to deal with!

Here is what having no organizational skills will get you: (a complete mess that can be totally avoided!)

Picture 1: Our old Bar area. We had a bar, along with other leisure furniture, but never used it because this is the "lonely" side of our basement. So we moved it all over to the TV area and have a much more exciting entertainment area that we now use more often! It has since been my stash everything extra and packing area.
 Picture 2: The workspace. I have a 6ft table where everything happens. Once i get busy I forget about staying organized and putting things back.This must change. It makes clean up take so much longer, and makes me embarrassed to say this is where I make my products!

I have since, cleared this room out, and moved my workshop into the larger packing/stash area with some wooden book shelves thanks to my friend over at Mom, Interrupted

More pictures to come once I get them all in place! But I promise it is looking GREAT!

So if you have ordered from me recently and it seems to be taking longer than expected, I apologize. This is the reason, and it will be much better from now on!

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