Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Break Time!

                                                                             A break from the usual hustle n bustle of a busy Mom's life with a husband, 3 kids, a business and the business of life, is like Heaven! I highly recommend it for anyone who has not had one in awhile! Thanks to my Momma who invited us on her vacation, along the Chesapeake Bay (sun rise I took pictured to the left), I am feeling much more relaxed and focused on just life in general! Not only have I had time to update my website, blog, and think about my products a little, I have been witness to my Kids having a blast, while getting drenched in some Vitamin D producing Sun Rays. The water has been great so far! Typically when we arrive, we find the water to be swamped with Jelly Fish, and the closest you get to getting in the water is a couple of inches to find yourself running away from the Jellies. But not this time! We have been able to swim to the sandbar, without a Jelly in sight! Most of us look a bit toasty on the outside...ok it is a bit worse. We are all sunburned. Some worse than others. But we just can't help ourselves! The sun and sand is just so addicting! And it only lasts a week. So we have to get as much as we can. Then it is back to the real world!
But for now....my brain is headed out to catch yet another wave and get it's daily overdose of Vitamin D. Thank You to everyone who has helped make this vacation possible! And those back home taking care of my Pets! See Ya when I get back ;o)

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